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Official Opening of Parade and Canal Square

Kilkenny Borough Council will officially open the Parade and Canal Square, on Saturday 21st November 2009, following the completion of the recent urban design refurbishment works.
An official opening ceremony will take place at 7.00pm on 21st.

To mark the occasion, and to conclude the "Kilkenny 400" celebrations, it is intended to organise a day long programme of performances by community groups drawn from Kilkenny city and County.

Kilkenny's newest civic spaces at the Parade and Canal Square will provide an ideal performance area to showcase local and community talent, and in this regard local and community groups are now invited to participate in the opening event on 21st November.

Kilkenny Borough Council is keen to involve the following performance groups:

  • Traditional music and dance
  • Brass and pipe bands
  • Performance arts groups

In order to arrange a performance timetable for this event, interested groups are requested to contact Kilkenny Borough Council at 056 7794533 or email at info@kilkennycity.ie


Opening Hours

Public Counter
9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
Monday to Friday
Closed Lunch Time 1pm-2pm

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