Take in Charge 2014- Proposal to Declare a Road to be a Public Road

Kilkenny Borough Council

Section 11 of the Roads Act, 1993


Proposal to Declare a Road to be a Public Road.

Kilkenny Borough Council, being the Road Authority for the City of Kilkenny, proposes to declare the roads set out in the schedule hereunder, to be public roads in accordance with Section 11 of the Roads Act, 1993. This process is initiated to facilitate the taking in charge by Kilkenny County Council of the roads set out in the said schedule in accordance with Section 180 of the Planning & Development Act, 2000 as amended by Section 59 of the Planning & Development Act, 2010.

Maps showing the roads detailed in the schedule may be inspected during normal office hours at Customer Services Desk,County Hall, John Street, Kilkenny and at the KilkennyBorough CouncilOffice, City Hall, High Street, Kilkenny during the period Tuesday April 22nd to Friday June 6th 2014.

Written objections or representations in relation to the proposal may be made to Kilkenny Borough Council, City Hall on or before 20th June 2014. All such written objections or representations will be considered by the members of Kilkenny Borough Council.


McCauley Place,Old Callan Road,Kilkenny

Fr McManus Square, Michael Street, Kilkenny

St Marys Group Housing, Gaol Road, Kilkenny

Plais Ui Dubhshlaine, O Loughlin Rd, Kilkenny

Fr Albert Place, ( off Fr Albert Sq), Kilkenny

Tommy Martin Place( off Fr Albert Sq), Kilkenny

The Old School House, Patrick St, Kilkenny

Fr Walsh Close, Cootes Lane, Kilkenny

Kellys Lane, Maudlin St, Kilkenny

Footpaths at Market Sq/ Market Yard, Kilkenny

College View,Walkin St, Kilkenny

College Court, Old Callan Rd, Kilkenny

Gas House Square, Gas House Lane, Kilkenny

Loreto Lodge, Freshford Rd, Kilkenny

Loreto Park, Troys Lane, Kilkenny

Bridgeview Gardens, Greensbridge Street, Kilkenny

St Mauls, New Road, Kilkenny

Kilsheelan Heights, Castlecomer Road,Kilkenny

Rosehill Court, Circular Road, Kilkenny

Archers Avenue(part of) , Kilkenny


John Mulholland

Director of Services


Signed: _________________

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