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Town hall Meeting - Kilkenny's Future - Wednesday May 30th City Hall

Town hall Meeting

As part of my aim to encourage open and transparent local government and decision making, you are invited to an open public meeting entitled Kilkenny's Future hosted by myself, Mayor David FitzGerald at 7.30 on Wednesday May 30th in Cityhall, The Tholsel, High street, Kilkenny. This meeting provides an opportunity for members of the public and interest groups to discuss our City's future. With the recent purchase of the Diageo brewery and other major infrastructure projects under way, this is an ideal time to take stock, listen to the views of the public and begin to plan for our shred future in Kilkenny City.

Speakers include Mayor FitzGerald, City manager Joe Crockett and a number of invited guests. Topics to be discussed include:

  • The Brewery quarter,
  • Kilkenny as a tourism destination.
  • Retail and commercial future planning.
  • Heritage, archaeology and preserving our heritage.
  • Infrastructure and transport.
  • Education and the university of the South East.

The speakers will be followed by an open mike session from the floor to allow the public in attendance to comment, propose or exchange their views on our City's future direction.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 30th,


Mayor David FitzGerald


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